Edition 18: Table of Contents

Edition 18: Table of Contents

Edition 18 Cover

Notes from the Editor, Sophie Yorkston

Ears Prick Up by Laird Barron (Science-fiction, Short Novelette)

The Visitors by Michelle Ann King (Science-fiction, Flash Fiction)

Book Review: The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon (Mysti Parker, reviewer)

The Carbonite’s Daughter by Deryn Pittar (Futuristic Steampunk)

Like Clockwork by Tim Major (Steampunk)

KFP by George Sandison (Science-fiction)

Book Review: Difficult Second Album by Simon Petrie (Damian Smith, reviewer)

The Calling by John W. Oliver (Supernatural Horror/Thriller)

Robert Fairweather and the Wrong Ticket by Mark Rookyard (Steampunk)

Film Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies by Peter Jackson (Sophie Yorkston, reviewer)

Cover artwork © 2015 is by Christian Scott Chatman.
Christian Scott Chatman photo
“I’m Christian Chatman from Arkansas, USA. I am an artist with high functioning autism. I like creating surreal scenes and making up characters. My hope for the future is to live a comfortable life putting out some small graphic novels.” To view more of his work: http://www.christianchatman.com/ Perpetual use granted.

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