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SQ Mag is a free online magazine, but those who subscribe can opt to get, for free as well, the monthly editions by email, in a few formats.

The links below gives you a facility, whether you subscribe or not, to pick up earlier editions – what we ask of you is that you donate to us, to assist with the overheads of the mail outs, as well as a gesture of acknowledgment of the good will that we are promoting.

We only provide this facility for issues up to one year old. The best fiction of past years are available in our Star Quake anthology series.

Firstly, if you enjoy reading our fiction and articles, and want to receive back issues of SQ Mag, please consider donating:

 make a donation

Secondly, if you want to have future editions emailed directly to you on release, click on which format you want (noting that the latest edition will appear up to several days following its release):
Kindle Compatible Format
EPUB Format

For backorders, click on the following links to gain access to files you can download:
Kindle Compatible Format
EPUB Format

Yip colour by jeffery doherty

Illustration ‘Yip’ copyright Jeffery Doherty

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