Edition 29: Table of Contents

Edition 29: Table of Contents

Edition 29 Cover

Notes from the Editor, Sophie Yorkston

A Pitying of Turtle Doves by Lila Bowen (Fantasy – a story set in the world of The Shadow)

Book Review: Crow Shine by Alan Baxter (Reviewer: Damien Smith)

From the Ashes by Tyra Tanner (Science Fiction)

Poetry Book Review: Corona Obscura by Michael R Collings (Reviewer: Lee Murray)

Sea Borne by S G Larner (Fantasy)

Book Review: Slade House by David Mitchell (Reviewer: Mysti Parker)

Wind and Rain…and Umbrellas by Joseph S Pulver (Dark Fantasy poetry)

Book Review: The Ghosts of Moonlight Creek by Sue Copsey (Reviewer: Lee Murray)

The Old Man in the Mountain by Tom Howard (Science Fiction)

Book Review: The Never Never Land, eds. Ian McHugh, Mitchell Akhurst, Phillip Berrie (Reviewer: Sophie Yorkston)

Cover artwork © 2016 Kodi Murray, titled “NOVAcomm2”

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