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News: Shadows Award Trophy

We have just received the trophy for last year’s Shadows Award for Best Collected Work: 2014. What a magnificent beast! It’s with the publisher at the moment, but it rightly goes to Sophie Yorkston, Editor-in-Chief of SQ Mag. It was Edition 14 (May 2014) – the Australiana issue, that wowed the judges, where they said:

Sophie Yorkston’s edited work showcases some of the best dark writing coming out of Australia today. Many of the stories are powerful and haunting, all of them are original. SQ #14 gives us a collection that is unified by its Australian voices and at the same time wonderfully diverse. It’s threaded with nonfiction pieces that have a firm grip on the pulse of Australian genre writing.

Well done to Sophie again! She will be handed the trophy very soon, after the publisher gloats for a while.

Also thanks to the Australian Horror Writers Association for creating such an impressive trophy.

thumb_IMG_0885_1024thumb_IMG_0887_1024thumb_IMG_0888_1024thumb_IMG_0889_1024The Publisher, Gerry Huntman, gloating.