Edition 14: Table of Contents

Edition 14: Table of Contents

Special Edition: Australiana

Edition 14 Cover

Notes from the Editor, Sophie Yorkston

The Bush Bride of Badgery Hollow by Angela Rega (Fantasy/Fable)

Article: State of Play of Australian Speculative Fiction (by Tehani Wessely and Geoff Brown)

The Darkness in Clara by Alan Baxter (Dark Fantasy)

Keep the Water Out by Mitchell Edgeworth (Dystopian Science Fiction)

Book Review: The Dagger of Dresnia by Satima Flavell  (Damien Smith, reviewer)

Eleanor Atkins is Dead and Her House is Boarded Up by Kaaron Warren (Atmospheric Horror)

Tread Upon the Brittle Shell by Rhoads Brazos (Fantasy/Fairytale)

Author Interview: Wolf Creek prequel authors: Aaron Sterns and Brett McBean

The Tyranny of Distance by Sean Williams (Science Fiction)

Chasing the Storm by S. G. Larner (Horror)

Book Review: Lexicon by Max Barry (Mysti Parker, reviewer)

Bones by Michelle Jager (Supernatural Horror)

Cover artwork © 2014 Jeffery Doherty. Perpetual use granted.

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