Notes on Moderation

SQ Mag is an eZine, and despite having the facilities of blog sites, aims to provide a magazine format first, and a venue for comments, debate, etc, second.

We encourage and seek comments by the public, but two factors will cause us to moderate material supplied:

  1. Abusive comments of any form, directed to anyone.
  2. Comments that distract from the intent of the post, in most cases where comments are not directly related to a posted story, book review or article. In these cases what we are mainly interested in is ensuring that the comments section isn’t saturated with secondary and escalating volumes of topics – we would normally let commentators have their say once, and we would trash all content thereafter.

As is often the case, there will be commentators who will feel that they are being picked on if we make a moderation decision, or that their basic ‘rights’ are being transgressed. We can assure you that neither dynamic is taking place. We simply want our ezine to deliver what its primary intent is. We reserve the right (as owners of the site) to carry this policy out without further explanation.

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