SQ Mag began as a seasonal print magazine, SQ Magazine – printing three editions which we were very proud of. We chose to cease the line in 2012 when we realised that the business model was outdated, and converted to a bi-monthly ezine, where the best fiction is published in print and ebook formats in the following year (the Star Quake anthology series). From 2017 SQ Mag reduced frequency to quarterly, but with a higher number of fiction pieces. SQ Mag’s purpose is to:

  1. publish eight or more works of speculative fiction in each edition, showcasing new talent among seasoned
  2. publish representative fiction from each of the traditionally understood genres of speculative fiction in each edition (horror, science fiction, and fantasy)
  3. publish fiction in the English idiom of the submitted manuscript (UK, US, Australian, South African, New Zealand, Canadian, etc)
  4. publish a special edition in May each year, covering a theme or concept
  5. publish serial fiction in all editions, with a possible exception in hefty editions, and the special editions
  6. publish work by female writers, and other groups not well represented in the writing industry (by way of sexual orientation, race and creed)

SQ Mag is, at this stage, a cent-per word paying market, and free to the public. Additionally, those readers who subscribe to SQ Mag have the option to receive an ebook format version of an edition on or about the time of release, emailed to them (EPUB and Kindle-compatable). SQ Mag does not pay its workers, and relies on income from donations, the odd merchandising exercise, and after-cost sales of the Star Quake series of anthologies, to cover overheads, including payment to authors and illustrators.

While international in scope and intent, and published through the resources of IFWG Publishing Australia, SQ Mag is solely and independently managed by an Australian team based in Melbourne, Australia, with the assistance of talented people from around the globe.

Star Quake, the annual anthology publishing the best of SQ Mag for the previous year, was shortlisted in the Australian Shadows Awards in 2014.

West Tower sketch by jeffery doherty

‘West Tower Sketch’ copyright Jeffery Doherty

SQ Mag Staff

sophie BW
Sophie Yorkston, Editor-in-Chief, reviewer

gerry photo
Gerry Huntman, Publisher, associate editor

Lee Murray, Book Reviewer

Mysti Parker BW
Mysti Parker, Book Reviewer

Damian Smith, Book Reviewer

Stephen McCracken, SQ Mag Marketing and Proof Reader

Contact Us

For non-submission queries: sqmag@sqmag.com
For marketing queries: smccracken@ifwgpublishing.com

SQ Mag is an eZine, owned and copyright (2012-2016) by SQ MAG PTY LTD, trading as IFWG Publishing Australia.

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