Edition 1: Table of Contents

Edition 1: Table of Contents

Edition 1 Cover 

Notes From the Editor, Sophie Yorkston

Nullus by Mitchell Edgeworth (Horror)

Rationalized by Larry Hodges (Dystopian Sci-fi)

Toxic Sludge by Tom Ribas and Lee Lackey (Fantasy)

Book Review: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (Mysti Parker, reviewer)

Witness by Laura Haddock (Sci-fi)

Neighborhood Watch by Jennifer Solomon (Horror)

Serial Fiction: Avoiding The Searchers Part 1 by MF Burbaugh

No Free Parking at Journeys End by Louis Baum (Sci-fi)

Bone Park (Windscreams) by Bruce Memblatt (Horror)

Navigator by Shane Ward (Sci-fi)

SQ Mag Edition 1 cover artwork © Ioanny Dimov, perpetual use granted to SQ Mag.

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