Edition 1: Notes From the Editor

Welcome to the very first edition of SQ Mag, our all new ezine.

All of us here at the magazine, and at IFWG, are loving the great new online format. We are also excited with the possibility of reaching great new audiences and other speculative fiction enthusiasts.

If you enjoy what you’re reading, please share it with others. And if you’re feeling generous, drop us a donation so we can keep on entertaining.

Our new edition showcases the exceptional quality of short stories received here at the magazine and for the associated Story Quest competition, run by IFWG Publishing.

Some of the stories in this edition are winners of the Story Quest competition, and the company’s Chief Editor Gerry Huntman has a few words to say on what made them stand out.

New to the ezine is a fantastic serial written by Merle Burbaugh, Avoiding the Seekers. A great story of wars between worlds, it will be published in installments over 2012.

Also, this edition, we welcome the lovely Mysti Parker to the team. Don’t forget to check out her review of Erin Morgenstem’s  The Night Circus.

Thanks again to Ioanny Dimov for the amazing cover he created for our first edition. Please head over to see more of his work at www.idimovart.com.

Lastly, thank you for sticking with us through the transition period. We hope you will enjoy the ezine as much, or more than, ever. Suggestions, feedback or queries are always welcome at SQ Mag. Please email them to info-sqmag at ifwgpublishing.com.

So thank you again for your support and patronage, and we hope you are thrilled with our humble offering.

Keep writing and reach for the stars.

Sophie Yorkston
Editor In Chief, SQ Mag

About Gerry Huntman

spec-fic writer and publisher

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