Edition 15: Notes From the Editor

Welcome back again, speculative fiction fans.

Backing up from another tremendously successful Special Edition, it’s been great to see the discussions happening around Australian spec-fic authors and settings, and what they have to offer readers. It was gratifying to have some stellar names of the Australian scene on board, and such a pleasure to work with them.

Being nominated for the Australian Shadows Awards created a huge deal of excitement behind the scenes at SQ Mag, and we were so honoured to even be nominated. It was great to see so many wonderful authors lauded, and we’re thrilled to have those we know and respect take home some of these awards (despite rigorous competition). Congratulations to Kaaron Warren (who headlined as part of our last special edition here) for her long fiction, and Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray, finalists in our Story Quest competition for 2013, for a win for their editing the short story collection, Baby Teeth.

On that note, next month the 2014 Story Quest competition opens for submissions. This will be the first year that the competition is run through SQ Mag, which was a move that made sense for us when the winners are published through the ezine. The theme is ‘Punkin’ the Train’, and we’d love to see some wonderful world building around a train-related story. We’re looking forward to see what our ingenious submitters come up with.

This edition, we’re bringing you 3 finalists from the 2013 Story Quest competition. Cindy Hernandez kicks the edition off with her dark fantasy Webs. John Claude Smith, who’s been published with us before (the creepy Ring Finger from Edition 3), will chill you with a story of threatening violence, It’s Only Going to End Badly. And last but not least, Exponential Growth by Justin Short is a psychological horror that will burrow in against your will.

As well as these, there’s a great selection of other fiction. David Bowles has written a fantastical journey of a young girl on a quest to save her brother from being a sacrifice for the greater good of her people, in To Brave the Mountains. Carl Alves’ How Far Will You Go is reality television without brakes, and was the inspiration for our stunning cover from the talented Luke Spooner of Carrion House. Metempsychosis by Jason Franks is an urban horror with historical links and is a delightful evocation of Australia’s Melbourne.

Premièring this edition, we also have the high fantasy epic, The Moreland Basking Plain by Arthur Davis. A race of our hero from pursuing troops, braving the elements and inhabitants of the desert of the same name. Books II and III will be coming in Editions 16 and 17, respectively.

There’s several reviews this edition worth noting. Damien Smith has Bound by Alan Baxter, hot off the press, so read it for one of the very first opinions. Mysti Parker has reviewed the second in Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series, Curtsies and Conspiracies. She enjoyed the first one, but let’s see how the sequel fared in her estimation. I reviewed Sub Rosa, a slightly older novel from Canadian author Amber Dawn, an eye-opening urban fantasy.

Very soon, the next edition of our anthology Star Quake will be out: the best of 2013’s works. Authors to be selected will be notified shortly after the release of this edition. For anyone who has read last year’s anthology, we’d love to see some reviews up, to help us spread the word.

On a side note, I’ve got some much needed help to get through the submissions list in the form of Paula Boer, Gareth Edwards, and Louise Zedda-Simpson. We’d like to officially welcome them to the team and thank them for their much needed help from the bottom of our exceedingly grateful hearts. Thank you to all the authors who’ve submitted for their on-going patience.

Thanks for coming back to the ezine. We’d love you to share us around, on social media, email, whichever method takes your fancy. Thanks for all the donations from our fans; it really helps us finance our up-and-coming editions and allows us to be viable for much longer.


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