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Edition 5: CSS by Warren Goodwin

flag USDetective Pol Broadleaf is stuck with the baffling case of a slippery serial killer. When the murderer is as skillful as a chameleon, Pol cannot get a grip on him. The danger is closer to home than Pol knows, and he may already be too late. Set on a space station, Warren Goodwin’s story is gritty and gives us all idea of what it means to work a tough beat. We look forward to seeing more of Warren’s work, as his debut novel is slated for publication in winter 2012/3. SY

Detective Pol Broadleaf stepped through the holographic police barrier and nodded at the patrolman on the other side. The young officer started to say something, then changed his mind. Probably ‘good morning’, which it decidedly is not. Especially for the vic. The door to C-8-14 was open and a female patrol officer stood there. Good. The forensics team hasn’t arrived. Better yet, neither has the press.

“Detective.” The woman was shaken, but only another cop would spot it. “It’s messy.”

“Who found the body?”

“Neighbor. He works the same shift, and noticed the open door.”

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