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Edition 22: Bring It All Back Home by Michael McGlade

flag UKHugh returns to his childhood home following the tragic death of his wife. In Michael McGlade’s gothic horror, Hugh doesn’t discover the idyll he expects, resurrecting his own childhood terror. SY


December 13th

Subject: Goodbye


I’m going home and you won’t change my mind. Since Julia’s death, I hate London. Too many things remind me of her. I have to leave.

I guess you already know this. You’ve known for weeks, tried to stop me like a good friend should, but I’ve made my decision.

As far as business is concerned, I’ll sell you my shares. I need the money, Daryl. Restoring my old family home will take everything I own…I need to do this—Julia always wanted it.

Don’t be stubborn and refuse my offer because I’d prefer to sell my shares to you instead of an outsider.

You’ve been a friend and more. I’ll miss you.

Will call soon as I’ve settled in.


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