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Edition 6: Strike Day by Marie DesJardin

flag USMarie DesJardin’s Strike Day deservedly took first place in the 2012 Story Quest Short Story Contest as the judges felt that she sensitively wove an apocalyptic event into a person’s – and family’s – everyday life. It juxtaposed the worst possible of events with daily life, and a man’s love of his family. GH

Nate woke earlier than usual. He lay still, his gaze tracing the rough-cut boards that formed the ceiling of his bedroom. Pat either noticed his shift to consciousness, or was wakeful herself. She turned her head on the pillow, her eyes meeting his through a downy mass of hair. For a moment they simply looked at each other, then she leaned forward to kiss him lightly. The gesture had a feeling of finality, and Nate quickly turned away.

Pat stroked his hair. “So. Any change of plans for today?”

Nate stared at the ceiling. “Milk’s got to be delivered.”

“Even today?”

“It might miss.”

Pat hesitated. “I suppose.”

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