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Edition 5: Bottlenose by Larry Lefkowitz

flag USThe Navy Mammalian Military Program has had some unexplained losses. Captain Sullivan wishes to get to the bottom of it. Will his worst fears be realised when he reveals an insidious cetacean plot? SY

Captain Sullivan was given to waive formalities and allow his crew of dolphin trainers to address him as “Skipper” when his mood was right or the circumstances favorable. Neither beneficent mood nor favorable circumstances prevailed as he prepared to address a meeting he had called of his “Military Dolphins,” a sobriquet his trainers bestowed on themselves in honor of the dolphins they trained.

He picked up a sheet of paper from those piled on the dais in front of him. Simultaneous with his beginning to read, there appeared on the screen behind him a grinning Lieutenant Daniels (junior grade). “November 17—Clifford ‘Smiling Jack’ Daniels was laid to rest today with full military honors. Something had ripped his oxygen tank clear off his body. A shark, possibly. Lieutenant Daniels was added to the investigation which had begun with the first death.”

Despite the solemnity of the moment, seeing Daniel’s cognomen under the photo, Sullivan had to force down a smile at how those in the military loved to bestow nicknames.

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