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Edition 15: Metempsychosis by Jason Franks

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When problem solver and amateur cryptographer Layne becomes involved with translating an ancient druidic diary, it looks like a hopeless case. But when the cadences start to create rhythm, Layne starts to connect with the work in a way he couldn’t have predicted.  SY

Layne had spent the entire morning hunched over the pinned-out vellum leaves and all he had to show for it was a crick in his neck.

He’d filled two pages of his notebook with beautiful cursive, but that was entirely because he enjoyed exercising his fountain pen. He had produced little more than a continuous ink line. There was no greater meaning in it than there was in the old manuscript.

Layne put the pen down and let out a long breath. “This isn’t prose.” The insight surprised him as he said it.

“What?” Trimby looked up from his workstation, across the lab and near to the window.

“It’s not prose.”

“Of course it’s prose,” said Trimby, pushing at the cuffs of his tweed jacket as if ready to engage in fisticuffs. Layne wanted to laugh almost as much as he wanted to punch him. “The wallet clearly states that it’s a diary.”

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