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Edition 21: Inner Dragon by James Aquilone

Peter dreams of becoming famous, world-renowned for his writing. But is he happy to pay the price for his success? This tale from James Aquilone crosses between science fiction and Asian self-help fantasy to warn of the dangers of ego.  SY

“Peter, are you ready to take the arduous journey toward your ultimate destiny? To face the abyss and let the abyss face you?”

Dr. De Graat stopped suddenly, looked at me with laser-focused eyes. They were quite beautiful blue eyes, I noticed. Sort of a cerulean-blue with flecks of green.

“Peter?” he said, eyebrows raised.

“Sorry. That wasn’t a rhetorical question?”

“Peter.” The sound of disappointment in his voice made me want to evacuate my bowels. “Tell me, what it is you want?”

“I want to be a successful writer. A bestselling author.”

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