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Edition 13: Interview with Jeremy C Shipp

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Interview by Sophie Yorkston


Tell us a little about yourself? What are you like to meet?

I am a cat-loving, spork-wielding, tea-drinking primate living in a haunted house. The first time you meet me, I’m like Bashful, one of the seven dwarves from Snow White. The next time you meet me, I’ll be less shy. I’ll be a combination of Doc, Happy and Dopey.

You write dystopian, horror and bizarro fiction. Do you find that it overlaps and which is your favourite to write? Which is your favourite to read? Read the rest of this entry

Edition 13: Stills by Jeremy C Shipp

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The latest in home decorating style are the Stills, key to any successful social engagement. Their position requires time, patience, and only the very best will do. A great bizarro piece from our guest author, Jeremy C. Shipp. SY

You can imagine the shock to my nerves when I catch my son balancing on a wobbly barstool, placing a diaper on a woman’s head.

“Look, mama,” my boy says. “She’s a diaper queen. Mama, look.”

I cross my arms over my chest, so that he knows I mean business. “Take that off of her. And get down from there. Now.”

Steven leaps off the stool and I gasp. Thankfully he doesn’t break a leg or even twist an ankle. He rushes away from me, giggling, flapping his arms like a frightened chicken.

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Edition 13: Notes From the Editor

Hello everyone! We’d like to welcome you all back for Edition 13, a special edition with guest contributor Jeremy C. Shipp.

Jeremy C. Shipp is a writer of Bizarro fiction, a genre that some of our readers may not have encountered before. Jeremy is a writer who experiments in a variety of different genres, but is well known for being a leader in Bizarro. He has very generously contributed a story for the e-zine, The Stills. We hope you enjoy it and the questions he answered about himself and his work for SQ. The announcement of the winners of a recent contest, who will receive signed copies of his books, will be happening shortly after the publication of this edition.

We also have tons of other great fiction on the agenda for you. J.R. Johnson tells a tale of magical artefact smuggling, full of betrayal and twists and turns in Catch of the Day. Third place in IFWG Publishing Australia’s Story Quest contest, Dan Rabarts writes Keeping an Open Mind, a positing of where the soul resides and the gory answer.

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Edition 13

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