Edition 13: Notes From the Editor

Hello everyone! We’d like to welcome you all back for Edition 13, a special edition with guest contributor Jeremy C. Shipp.

Jeremy C. Shipp is a writer of Bizarro fiction, a genre that some of our readers may not have encountered before. Jeremy is a writer who experiments in a variety of different genres, but is well known for being a leader in Bizarro. He has very generously contributed a story for the e-zine, The Stills. We hope you enjoy it and the questions he answered about himself and his work for SQ. The announcement of the winners of a recent contest, who will receive signed copies of his books, will be happening shortly after the publication of this edition.

We also have tons of other great fiction on the agenda for you. J.R. Johnson tells a tale of magical artefact smuggling, full of betrayal and twists and turns in Catch of the Day. Third place in IFWG Publishing Australia’s Story Quest contest, Dan Rabarts writes Keeping an Open Mind, a positing of where the soul resides and the gory answer.

Brian G. Ross’ The Girl in the Glass Bottle features a little girl confused about how to deal with abuse, and with the support of the friend who replies to her messages in a bottle, decides what to do. Get Rich Quick with Digital Ink is Megan Neumann’s vision of a dystopian future, where advertising is pushing new frontiers, in illegal and nefarious ways.

Cameron Trost gives us The Church of Asag, detailing the way a small outback town deals with the threat that all Australian farming communities face: pestilence. Our last story of this edition is the charming yet dismal Like Bread from Patricia Russo, set in the magical market of abilities and what we are all willing to put a price on.

Tom Barlow’s serial Clutter Coach finishes up this edition, winding up the story of Kathy, the hoarder. The samovar becomes a point of contention at home, and leads her to some unusual behaviours. There’s interesting comments on possession and control in his narrative.

There’s a few different reviews on the table for you. If you enjoyed Misty Baker’s review of Ren Garcia’s last League of Elder book, she’s back reviewing The Hazards of the Old Ones. Damien Smith enjoys a good chuckle, and he’s reviewed a humorous speculative fiction anthology, UFO (Unidentified Funny Objects) 2. I’ve also written an article on the EMP Museum in Seattle, a pop culture museum featuring great exhibits on speculative fiction cinema and books.

We’re ramping up to our Australiana edition, and we have some exciting projects that we’ll share with you, once all is confirmed. We have the first couple of stories from our incredible writers, but you’ll have to keep an eye out for the details by following us over at Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Barring that, we try to keep people updated using the magazine’s forum page. Please leave us your thoughts about the edition there so we can share them with others.

And as always, if you enjoyed, please share us about. We love new readers. If you can, we always need donations to help us run. Or if you have a book coming out, consider advertising here.

Thanks as always to you all; our enthusiastic contributors, loyal readers, and supporters who help spread the word about SQ Mag.

Happy reading!


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