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Edition 8: Interview with Cat Rambo

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Interview by Sophie Yorkston


Photos from the World Fantasy Convention 2011 in San Diego, CA

Who were your greatest female role models?

There’s a lot of them. Some of the more influential have been my grandmother, who wrote YA novels under the name H.D. Francis, a number of 19th century suffragettes such as Matilda Joslyn Gage and Victoria Woodhull, and the writer Colette.

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Edition 8: A Man And His Parasite by Cat Rambo

flag USTo be the wife of the only man on Earth with an alien is a lonely existence. It disgusts Aye, yet she is curious and envious. Is Carl meant to be the one exploring the universe or will the creature just leave her without a husbandSY

The doctors thought Aye’s presence made Karl calmer, kept him stable. They monitored her health with impersonal politeness, never looking at her face, mainly so she wouldn’t drop dead on him, which might drive his blood pressure up.

She was an appliance, she thought, used to keep his body a pleasant and hospitable place where the parasite could thrive.

It felt wrong. Aye was used to being in the spotlight. In school she’d led the popular crowd. Who she liked (or didn’t) had been central to everyone’s opinion. Nowadays the list of who she didn’t like was ignored.

Dr. Taro, who supervised the parasite’s growth and reported on it daily, was high on her list. She read his findings on Karl, though. “Subject’s readings within normal parameters. Parasite appears the same.”

Or, ominously, “Subject in pain. Parasite appears unhappy.”

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