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Edition 13: The Girl in the Glass Bottle by Brian G Ross

flag UKAmy is in a desperate situation and seeks help by message in a bottle. When she starts to receive replies, Amy opens up and her friend across the sea helps her plan to thwart the evil in her life. SY

I rolled up the piece of paper tightly, until it was no larger in diameter than a fast-food milkshake straw. My favourite doll, Miss Louise, was squeezed under my arm. She couldn’t breathe, but even though she didn’t complain, I still tried to be quick about it anyway. As soon as I dropped the paper into the glass bottle, it immediately uncurled and filled the empty space inside.

Most of what I had written had been obscured by the curvature of the glass, but as I turned the bottle this way and that, I could make out some of the words. Hit. Broken. Scared. Need help. I wrote that bad things would happen if they didn’t act soon, and left my name and address at the bottom.

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