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Edition 11: Rabble by Arley Sorg

flag USSoldiers are drawn from the incarcerated to fight against the fast and bloodthirsty Trayg that threaten to overwhelm their world. When they offer them advantage in the form of upgrades, the prisoners would be fools to reject any help. In the war against invasion, isn’t any advantage worth testing? SY

Darrin shifted in his bunk, struggled against coarse blankets. Sleep teased the corners of his eyes. Thick drowsiness crept under his skin.

She pooled, bright white and red, a head splitting star in congealed blackness.

Slick moonlight beaded in her hair, blood drops bright on her blouse. Her last, surprised breath as she crumpled in his arms.

One night six years ago. A night he used to not care about. It wasn’t even the worst he’d done.

He swung his feet onto cold floor, planted his sweaty face in his hands.

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