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Edition 12: The Color of Tears by Angela Meadon

flag RSAThe Painter grants people a second chance, but only so long as they can keep up the repayments. Barton has one chance to save his little girl when it all starts going wrong. SY

Barton looked at the scrap of parchment he held between his fingers: 2653 Arcturus Street. The clay numerals above the polished oak door matched the number that the Painter had written out for him. Beyond the door slept a family that had been torn apart by the loss of a child. He was about to shatter their peace and tear the scab from the wound. Would his heart, his conscience be able to withstand it?

This could so easily be my door. If collections don’t pick up it will be my door, my Lilly on the other side of it.

Barton shook his head to clear the image of his unsuspecting family sleeping in their beds. He jumped when his partner laid a hand on his shoulder.

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