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Edition 26: Outbreak by Adam Kotlarczyk

What happens after the apocalypse is done? A group of survivors live in a former college, come to rely on one another. Kris is dying but what does that mean for the rest of them?

Symbiosis can be a very intricate and subtle process. It can be a community of organisms living and working together for the betterment of them all. Adam Kotlarczyk takes this idea and works it in delightfully into this post-apocalyptic snapshot. 


We’re all having dinner when my friend Kris collapses. Tony had just broken some bad news to us:

“Saw some Hendersons yesterday,” he says, working on an apple. “A whole mess of them.” Tony has these beautiful, sincere brown eyes, and he wields them like a superpower. We’re all about 90% sure he was a used car salesman before. He knows just how to use them to get an effect. Now the effect on the group is anxiety. All eyes turn to Phil.

“Hendersons?” says Phil, digging his fingers into his gray beard. “Why would they be all the way out here?”

“Water, I think,” says Tony, looking around the room. “Any rate, the pond is where I saw them.”

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