SQ Mag has ceased business but our past editions will remain open for as long as practicable.

  1. A query on the fairytale themed issue, in regards to the new age or new world reference. Does that mean the tales must be modern, or can they still be set in the “old world”?

    • HI – yes, it can be set in the ‘old world’ but it still needs the new spin, which in itself is derived from ‘new world’ literary conventions. Hope this makes sense. Regardless, the idea is to drive away from ‘classic stories’ and ‘classic sources’ – that is the most important element of this submission theme.

  2. On your Fairy Tale themed issue — two quick questions. First, you currently are evaluating a piece of mine for your regular fiction magazine. Does this preclude my submitting to the Fairy Tale themed issue? Secondly. As to adult themes,specifically sex. The piece I am considering submitting does had a sex scene in t — it is integral to the fairy tale and somewhat central to the point. It is not graphic nor expansive — probably three sentences with generally inference over specifics. Is this deemed appropriate fore your current needs? I didn’t want to waste both our time if not. Thanks for your time in this query. ej

    • Anyone who is already in our general submissions pile is fine to submit to the special themed edition. There are no issues with that as we consider them separate.

      In regards to adult themes: we do not have a specific issue with adult themes where warranted, but we do not generally feel that graphic description is necessitated in the vast majority of cases. If it’s an element we think the story can do without, and we like your piece, we’ll certainly discuss it. That’s the long answer for don’t send us graphic adult pieces, but we are happy to look at it otherwise.

  3. Should the myth or folktale be incorporated into a story, or could it be a retelling or recitation of the myth itself if it is sufficiently obscure. I’m thinking of a Native American tale that is not well-known even in the US. Should I create a story around the myth or just retell the myth as it stands?

    • Hi David,

      We’d generally appreciate a reworking in some way, even if the story is not well known. If we accept a reworking/ a story around the folklore, it’s always great to be able to link to the origin story as well, so you could tell it on a personal blog or provide links to where you found it.

      Hope that helps,
      Sophie, Editor

  4. Should the myth be turned into a story or can it be recited as a myth? I’m thinking of a Native American folk myth that is not well known, even in the USA. Should I write a story about the myth, using it in the story, or would it work to simply retell the myth?

  5. Another query on the fairy tale stories: I have redone an old children’s song as a horror story. It’s There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Might this be something you’d be willing to look at? Thanks
    Ken MacGregor

    • Hi Ken,

      It sounds interesting but that song is not really a fable as such, and wouldn’t be suitable for our themed edition.

      However, we do accept horror stories in our general submissions.

      Thanks for the question.


  6. Hi Sophie. Thank you for your quick response. I’ll submit to your general submissions instead. I appreciate your time.


  7. Hi again, just a question about your general submissions. Do you consider mystery stories with a slight supernatural bent?

  8. I submitted a story through in January. RED BIRD. Any chance you might use it in the near future?

    • Hi Rena – if you submitted your story in January it is likely to be still read. We were inundated late last year and we are still working through our slush pile. Because we use submittable, it keeps an accurate record of all submissions’ statuses. We have just closed to submissions to catch up – so you should get a reply in the near future.

  9. I’m interested in submitting a story of mine to you guys, but the link to access submittable in the submission process section isn’t working. I can access submittable via the themed submission link, but as my story does not meet that theme and isn’t intended for it, I’m worried it would not go to the readers appropriate for a general submission and/or otherwise just annoy you. I felt I should check first if submitting my story through the themed link (even though again, it’s not meant for the theme) would be all right before doing it.

    • Hi Andrew

      We are currently closed to general submissions and consequently if you submit a non-themed story in our themed call, it will be rejected.

      It will not be long before we open our general pipeline again so please have patience.

      – Gerry (publisher)

  10. Where can I find information about what the theme of May’s special themed issue? I can’t find any information on your website.

  11. Hey, it currently says you’re open for submissions for your Rebellion-themed issue, but your Submittable page doesn’t show that. Are you still accepting stories for the themed issue?

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