Edition 8: Table of Contents

Edition 8: Table of Contents

Special Edition: Women In Speculative Fiction

Edition 8 Cover

Notes from the Editor, Sophie Yorkston

A Man And His Parasite by Cat Rambo (Sci-Fi)

Author Interview: Cat Rambo (by Sophie Yorkston)

Fairest Fowl by J. B. Rockwell (Historic Fantasy)

Book Review: Bluegrass Symphony by Lisa L. Hannett (Damien Smith, reviewer)

Chinaman’s Bluff by Cat Sparks (Historical Sci-Fi)

Author Interview: Cat Sparks (by Sophie Yorkston)

The Traveler by Laura Haddock (Sci-Fi)

Serial Fiction: Intangible (Part 3 of 6) by A.A. Garrison (Fantasy)

Tea In The Secret Garden by Emma Newman (Fantasy)

Author Interview: Emma Newman (by Sophie Yorkston)

Dreaming of You by Felicia A. Lee (Dark Contemporary Fantasy)

Book Review: Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger (Mysti Parker, reviewer)

Digging In The Deep by Tonia Brown (Steampunk/Horror)

Author Interview: Tonia Brown (by Sophie Yorkston)

Cover artwork © 2013 Jeffery Doherty. Perpetual use granted.

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