Edition 31: Table of Contents

Edition 31: Table of Contents

Edition 31 Cover

Notes from the Editor, Sophie Yorkston

Old Growth by J. Ashley Smith (horror)

Of Dreaming and Destiny by Jamie Lackey (fantasy)

Book Review: Eyes on You by Steven Jenkins (Reviewer: Mysti Parker)

Pevel Was Here by Michael Stroh (science fiction – post-apocalyptic)

A Thousand Million Small Things by Eleanor Whitworth (science fiction)

My Son, the Afterbirth by Craig Stewart (science fiction/horror)

Article: Beyond the Apocalypse: A Reading List by Lee Murray

The Skull Collector by Jodi L. Milner (fantasy)

Reef by Kat Clay (horror)

Book Review: Excalibur by Tim Marquitz (Reviewer: Damien Smith)

Death Clothes by Natalie Satakovski (supernatural horror)

Book Review: Defying Doomsday edited by Dolichva and Kench (Reviewer: Sophie Yorkston)

Cover artwork © 2017 Matt Bissett-Johnson, titled “Star Planet”

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