Edition 30: Table of Contents

Edition 30: Table of Contents

Edition 30 Cover

Notes from the Editor, Sophie Yorkston

Seeds of the Strangling Vine by Michelle E. Goldsmith (fantasy – magical realism )

Who Blooms in Darkness by Anjali Patel (mythical fantasy)

Book Review: Wall of Storms by Ken Liu (Reviewer: Damien Smith)

Conflict Calories by Fredrick Obermeyer (fantasy – alternate reality)

The Essence of Flow by Rhoads Brazos (dark fantasy/fantasy)

Book Review: A Little Knowledge by Emma Newman (Reviewer: Sophie Yorkston)

Delicious, delicious by Karl Bunker (science fiction)

Short Fiction Review: Crash and Burn by James Rollins (Reviewer: Lee Murray)

Casting Nets by Rebecca Fraser (fantasy – medieval/quest)

Your Questions Answered by Blaize Kaye (contemporary fantasy)

Book Review: Fate of Perfection by K.F. Breene (Reviewer: Mysti Parker)

The Devil’s Bloom by David Cleden (heroic fantasy)

Cover artwork © 2017 Tais Teng, titled “The Wisdom of Dagon”

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