Edition 24: Table of Contents

Edition 24 Cover

Notes from the Editor, Sophie Yorkston

Broken Stars by Tang Fei (translator, Ken Liu) (Supernatural/Horror)

Stewards of the Land by Anthony Rella (Fantasy)

Festival of Dissolution by Dennis Mombauer (Fantasy)

Papaya Leaf Falling to the Surface of a Puddle Reflecting Streetlights by Jamie Killen (Science Fiction)

Book Review: Manners and Mutiny by Gail Carrier (Reviewer: Mysti Parker)

More than Flies by Brennan Gilpatrick (Horror/Science Fiction)

Kai by Ellen Denton (Supernatural)

Book Review: Xs For Eyes by Laird Barron (Reviewer: Damien Smith)

Beaver Resplendent by Sally Basmajian (Humour)

Cover artwork (‘Solar Sacrosanct’) © 2016 by Keely Van Order Perpetual use by SQ Mag granted. More on Keely can be found at her website

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