Edition 23: Table of Contents

Edition 23: Table of Contents

Edition 23 Cover

Notes from the Editor, Sophie Yorkston

The Smell of Wet Grass by Lee Battersby (Science Fiction)

A Girl and Her Dog by Sarah Fallon (Fantasy)

Book Review: The Ghost of Matter by Octavia Cade (Reviewer: Sophie Yorkston)

Girls’ Gun by Clint Spivey (Horror/Supernatural)

Serial: Stolen Moments by Lindsey Duncan (Part 2 of 2) (Mythic/High Fantasy)

A Necessary Evil by Jason M Harley (Science Fiction)

Book Review: Little Girls by Ronald Malfi (Reviewer: Mysti Parker)

The Guardian of the Mountain by Erin  Gitchell (Fantasy)

Where the Time Travellers Go by David Barber (Science Fiction)

Book and Film Review: The Martian by Andy Weir (Reviewer: Damien Smith)

Cover artwork (‘Rinse’) © 2015 by Toe Keen Perpetual use by SQ Mag granted. “Toe Keen (toeken) is an amateur artist living in Spain who keeps forgetting that linseed oil is not after-shave. A lover of wine, women and song, he is currently working on a big-ass graphic novel.” More on Toeken can be found at https://www.atoekeneffort.weebly.com/

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