Edition 19: Table of Contents

Edition 19: Table of Contents

Edition 19 Cover

Notes from the Editor, Sophie Yorkston

Night Blooming by Jason Nahrung (Paranormal Mystery)

Numbers Man by Sean Monaghan (Science-fiction/ Cyberpunk)

Rainbows and Death Machines by J.B. Rockwell (Military Science-fiction)

Arrest by Hall Jameson (Horror)

Book review: The Ark by Annabel Smith (reviewer Damien Smith)

Trial by Fire by Richard Zwicker (Humorous fable)

Final Journey by Stephen C. Ormsby (Steampunk)

All the Answers by Peter Medeiros (Science Fiction)

Book review: Waistcoats & Weaponry (reviewer, Mysti Parker)

The Meet by Geoffrey Collins (Mythic Fantasy)

Riding a Runaway by Andrew Knighton (Steampunk)

Cover artwork © 2015 is by Tais Teng. Perpetual use by SQ Mag granted. http://taisteng.deviantart.com/

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