Edition 11: Table of Contents

Edition 11: Table of Contents

Edition 11 Cover

Notes from the Editor, Sophie Yorkston

Rabble by Arley Sorg (Military Science Fiction)

The Poet and the Lily by Julia August (Dark Fantasy)

Book Review: Black Bottle Man by Craig Russell (Mysti Parker, reviewer)

Serial Fiction: Intangible (Part 6 of 6) by A.A. Garrison (Fantasy)

Requiem in Diamond by D A D’Amico (Dystopian Science Fiction)

Flagman by Jim Lee (Supernatural Horror)

Book Review: Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed (Damien Smith, reviewer)

Finders Keepers by John W Dennehy (Supernatural Horror)

Cultural Review: Literary Festivals: Why They Are Important (Sophie Yorkston, writer)

Cover illustration © Steve Santiago, limited perpetual use granted to SQ Mag and IFWG Publishing Australia. (http://www.illustrator-steve.com).
Mountain stock from Bernhard Siegl  (http://www.burtn.deviantart.com)  and Model photographer Marcus Ranum  (www.ranum.com)

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