Advertising Space

Advertising Space

SQ Mag is a market with a growing readership base. And it will only get better. Star Quake 1, the first of our ‘best of’ anthologies, was nominated for the Australian Shadows Awards, SQ Mag Edition 14 was awarded best Edited work for 2014 by the same awards, and we are now publishing more solicited work by leading writers (for instance, Kaaron Warren, Alan Baxter, Cat Rambo, Gary McMcMahon, Ken Liu, Laird Barron, Angela Slatter, Sean Williams, Kirstyn McDermott). We are noticed.

The following is our advertising catalogue (where ‘Sponsor’ is the usual label above the image):

  • Below initial screen load, left or right columns (per banner): US$15.00 per issue. US$75.00 for a year.
  • Prominent position in or near initial screen load, left or right columns (per banner): US$25.00 per issue. US$100.00 for a year.
  • At the bottom of a particular story, review, interview, or article page (chosen by best fit for theme by SQ Mag marketing, but will try to meet sponsor’s requirements): US$10.00 per issue, US$50.00 for a year.

For more information, please contact Steve McCracken.

woodgrain by Frances Hutt

‘woodgrain’ copyright 2014 Frances Hutt

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