Edition 28: Notes From the Editor

This edition we have a slate of newcomers to SQ Mag. We begin with a conspicuously different and bizarre tale from Rob Francis, Detestiny. I will never look at a prize the same way again. Lo, Behold These Many Gods and Mike Adamson will lead you across the galaxy, to individual truths. In Daemiel Watches, Cynthia J. McGean explores the discarded, the dark recesses of our past human follies and foibles. And speaking of follies, Purity by Les Zigomanis envisions the age-old worry on unplanned consequences. Beth Deitchman bedevils us in La Voshnikaya in a most alluring way.

There is a selection of excellent reviews. Angela Slatter is no stranger to this ezine, and we’re pleased to have Mysti Parker review her debut urban fantasy novel, Vigil. Lee Murray is back with reviews of the two books of the paranormal Night’s Champion series from Richard Parry, and a review of Sacrificial Nights, a noir poetry anthology from Bruce Boston and Alessandro Manzetti. In happy news for all our 80s and high fantasy readers, there is a novel set in the universe of the movie, The Dark Crystal: Shadows of the Dark Crystal by JM Lee, which Damien Smith reviews.

We’re delighted to work for the first time with Aimee Smith, emerging artist and writer from Brisbane. I met Aimee at Australia’s Contact, which was the premiere speculative fiction con (or GenreCon) for Australia this year. More of Aimee’s work and portfolio can be found at http://www.wordsmithandart.com/.

I know everyone has been waiting patiently for us to reopen to submissions and I am going to ask you to be patient for just a little longer. I am aiming for September 15th. We will open for no more than 50 submissions at a time. This will keep our submissions manageable for my readers, and me. It will also mean we can keep our response times down, and I will be able to better plan for future submission openings.

I specifically encourage writers with diverse backgrounds, stories that are not of typical Western derivation, to send their works to us. Our regular submitters are wonderful but I want to expand what we get to see and publish. More details available soon.

Around that time we will also release the details for the 2016 Story Quest competition. Importantly, if you have a story in the general submissions of the ezine, we will accept stories from you for competition and our special edition, provided they fit the particular criteria.

We have chosen our Best of 2015 for the next Star Quake and all the published authors will be notified. Keep an eye out for that email. For everyone else, we’ll release the table of contents very soon on social media.

We love sharing, reviews, donations, nominations and any support. Artists of every stripe benefit from your patronage, including spec fic ezines.

Until next edition, where we look forward to entertaining you all once more.

Sophie Yorkston
Editor in Chief, SQ Mag

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