Edition 6: Notes From the Editor

Welcome to the first day of 2013 everyone!

What did you promise yourself for this year? I know more time for writing was on my list. I hope that you get more time to polish up your stories and get them published this year.

This edition we have the winners of IFWG Publishing’s 2012 Story Quest competition. This year’s theme was ‘Disaster’, and there are some fantastic interpretations amongst the group.

The winner, Marie DesJardin, wrote an extremely heartfelt story about the lead up to apocalypse. Guy Prevost has told a tale of oil spills and strange creatures with his second-placing story. J.T. Seate penned a story set in a small town diner, full of quirky characters, winning third place. Josh Moynes, one of the finalists, chilled us with his story of the end of days at the point of talons.

Today, the first part of A.A. Garrison’s novelette Intangible is yours to peruse. A fantasy where your very emotions can be bought and traded. Enjoy. I know I did.

We have some reviews of some great speculative fiction out there. Mysti Parker has reviewed Mike Mullins’ Ashen Winter, sequel to Ashfall. Damien Smith has reviewed K.N. Shield’s The Salem Witch Society, a historical murder mystery. Myself, I’ve reviewed Justin Cronin’s unusual vampire novel, The Passage.

Our wonderful cover is the collaboration of two people. Our very eerie photograph, which fits so well with the disaster and apocalyptic themes of the issue, was donated by Mr Greg Bromage. It is of an active volcano in New Zealand, White Island. Gerry Huntman, Editor in Chief at IFWG Publishing, has added a creepy little detail to it. Have you spotted it?

We’re very excited for the year ahead. Next edition, we will bring you the rest of the finalists of the Story Quest competition.

But the jewel in our crown for the year is our edition for May 1st, Women in Writing. Already we have stories from your favourites; stories from people like Cat Rambo and Cat Sparks, to name a few. More to come, but we wanted you to get as excited as we are.

Wishing you all the best for this year. May all your stories catch the eyes of editors far and wide.

Happy writing.

Sophie Yorkston
Editor, SQ Mag

About Gerry Huntman

spec-fic writer and publisher

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