Edition 10: Notes From the Editor

Welcome to our 10th edition!

Looking back at our choices for this edition, it seems that there was a decidedly dark feel to our selections. So appropriate for the deliciously gritty cover from Luke Spooner of Carrion House. We think his work is phenomenal, and you should all have a look at his portfolio.

It is a great feeling when you know that you are presenting a wonderful variety of authors. Michelle Ann King wrote The Visiphorical Art, which was the inspiration for our wonderful cover art. The Shoe Shine is subtle and dark, in a gritty urban setting from Robert Datson. David Halpert’s science fiction short, That Blasts the Roots of Trees is My Destroyer, is a great look at segregation and how it all can go wrong. Sometimes beautiful can hide dangerous secrets, as depicted in Drunks by Michael C. Schutz-Ryan. Morgen Knight’s sweet dieselpunk story, Mr. Strawn and the Book, is a great story of companionship and shared dreams.

We have some great reviews as well. Mysti Parker reviews Ren Garcia’s Sygillis of Metatron, a dark science-fiction mystery. I review Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, his latest adult novel with a child protagonist. Damien Smith treads new ground with Colin F. Barnes’ The Daedalus Code, a cyberpunk novella.

You might have seen our announcement. At the end of September, we are closing to general submissions until 2014. We are doing this because we have had a fantastic response to becoming a token market. We love everyone’s enthusiasm, but we have to take a short breather. We will, however, be shortly accepting submissions for our yearly special edition. In a nod to our parent company, IFWG Publishing Australia, and our recent addition to the National Library of Australia Pandora Project, we are running an Australiana edition. Details will be available on our submissions page shortly.

Looking at our still new forum, I notice it’s been great for communicating with our potential contributors, but we would love you, the readers, to come on over and talk to us about what you’re enjoying. We would love any and all feedback you have to give. Respectfully, of course.

Lastly, if you enjoyed any of it, please share. We want other people to learn about us, to be involved, and reading. We’re on Facebook and Twitter. Please come on over and follow us for interesting speculative fiction related information. We love to get to know our readers.

Thanks again for stopping by, and we hope you’re enjoying all the fantastic content we have to offer.

Sophie Yorkston

Editor, SQ Mag

About Gerry Huntman

spec-fic writer and publisher

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