Major Sponsor: Missives in Red by Michael Randolph


140 poetic tales that will tear at your heart and make you cringe. Laugh at the OCD Killer. Sit in on the Serial Killer Classes. A massive offering filled with pain, anguish, laughter and bittersweet joy.

“So much of the poetry in this book concerns itself with death, and yet, when you consider the sum of its parts, Missives in Red is very much a book about life. Michael Randolph uses his book, a massive offering that covers a wide spectrum of voices, to shine his light on the dark corners of our lives – and yes, on our follies too. There is pain here, and love; fear, and bittersweet joy; tears, and even laughter. Michael Randolph is a deeply insightful poet to watch.”
— Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Savage Dead and Dead City.

Missives In Red, available through Amazon

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