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Edition 8: Digging In The Deep by Tonia Brown

flag USWhen miners lose their jobs and start disappearing, it’s chalked up to desertion. Thomas knows better. He starts digging, but perhaps the family line of work is not the safest pursuit in these dark times… SY

“He’s my pa,” Thomas said. “I just want to know where he is.”

The officer nodded at him, but said nothing.

“I ain’t seen him in three weeks,” Thomas said.

“He isn’t in there,” the cop said. “if that’s what you’re thinking.”

Thomas looked past the officer, into the darkened recesses of the mine beyond. “I know that. But…I mean…isn’t there anything you can do?”

The officer looked up to him, more exasperated than concerned. “Look, kid. A lot of men have supposedly gone missing in the last few weeks. Not just your father.”

“I know.” Thomas was sort of worried about the other guys too, but mostly about his father. Jack Barns was the first to go missing weeks ago, then Roger Wells a few days later, then Marcus Downey, then Jeremy Stills, then Donald Walker. The list went on and on.

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