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Edition 7: Serial Fiction: Intangible (Part 2 of 6) by A. A. Garrison


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In the last episode of Intangible, Hack the shaman had picked his target. His mark is a young woman, Jeannie Tuttle. He now begins to dabble in her everyday life, placing cues in the unseen movements of his grand plot. SY

Man – Energy Body – Aura (Copyright Deosum |

III. September 11th, 1989

Jeannie knows she’s dreaming. It’s an inherent knowledge, like how to lie. She distantly wonders if she can manipulate her dream, steer it, but this proves impossible: it sprouts strange legs and runs, moving with the scripted adamance of a kabuki play.

It’s daytime and beautiful, concrete below a sunshot sky, people thronged along a cordoned street. In the distance, snare drums and a pan flute play “Yankee Doodle.” Good cheer lifts every face, a flag for every hand. The Fourth of July?

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Edition 7

SQ#7 Cover

illustration, ‘Fantasy Background’ by Tjapa2007, design by Gerry Huntman.