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Edition 5: Serial Fiction: Avoiding The Searchers (Part 5 of 5) by M.F. Burbaugh


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Previously, in Part 4, Johnathan and Tonie discover that the Underground had been compromised, and successfully relay the information to all the hideouts, but not before causing quite a bit of trouble for the Earthers. The Underground main HQ is blasted to pieces, and the pair barely manage to get out of enemy territory with their lives. Johnathan’s arm is broken, but the greatest pain for him is finding out that his uncle was alive and a traitor. John is home recovering and breaks the news to his mother and stepfather that he intends to have a life-commitment with Tonie and Milda.

The concluding episode of this series follows. GH.

Seekers commission Hi Resolution

Illustration by Jeffery Doherty

“Well, if ya both can accept the possibility of a couple of daughter-in-laws, reckon it is okay with me.” I smiled my best smile.

He shook my hand and said, “Done.”

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Edition 5

Cover Issue 5

Artwork by Steven Thor Gunnin