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Edition 4: Notes From the Editor

Here in the southern hemisphere, spring starts today. We’ve been busy bees at SQ working to put together Issue 4, and I hope it shows.

We’re so proud to have two amazing writers donating their stories to us this edition. Jay Lake, who is a well-known steampunk and fantasy writer and Gary McMahon, an urban horror writer on his rapid way up.

In a first for SQ Mag, we also have interviews with Jay Lake, who gives all his answers with brutal honesty. Daniel I Russell, who is author of Creeper from SQ Mag Edition 2 and Editor of Midnight Echo, the Australian Horror Writers’ Association’s magazine, has also had a chat with us about his work and horror/dark fantasy.

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Edition 4: Serial Fiction: Avoiding The Searchers (Part 4 of 5) by M.F. Burbaugh


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Previously, in Part 3, Johnathan and Tonie continued infiltrating enemy territory, witnessing what the murderous pirates do, when unleashed by the Earthers. Tonie discovers they are the same men who killed her family, and Johnathan found it extremely hard to restrain her…for now. They found temporary sanctuary with Pops, and what was left of his family. They nearly blow their cover by wiping out the same pirate force they met earlier, who had discovered Pops’ mine. Continuing their journey, and camping near their target reconnaissance area, Tonie wakes Johnathan, having found something. GH.

Seekers commission Hi Resolution

Illustration by Jeffery Doherty

I followed her, feeling like I’d had twenty minutes sleep, she said it was more like three hours.

Back by the entrance she whispered, “About ten minutes ago lights came from the main road, then they were shut off, but I heard voices below. They moved off that way.” She pointed to the hill.

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Edition 4

SQ#4 cover

Edition 4 cover © Greg Chapman