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Edition 24: Beaver Resplendent by Sally Basmajian

Don’t be fooled. The selection of the Canadian national animal was the product of stiff competition. I thought Sally Basmajian’s story is such a fun finish to the edition. As tied third in the 2015 Story Quest Competition, the unlikely partnership of humour, alternate history and talking animals tickled the judges’ fancy. After all, who doesn’t like a talking animal?  SY

A beaver, a lynx, a moose and a wolf walk into a bar.

Whaddaya mean you’ve heard this joke before? That’s impossible, mister. I happen to be the aforementioned wolf and I know I never said nothin’ to nobody. And I’m pretty damn sure that Bucky, Kitty, and Bullifer never spilled the beans, neither.

I’m only telling you now since I’m the last one of us guys still alive. This here’s a whaddaya-call-it scoop and you just said you’re a reporter so it looks like bingo, bongo, tag, you’re it. It’ll be up to you now: go forth and enlighten the masses and all that.

And, by the way, this ain’t no funny business. This here’s Canadian history, mon ami. We ain’t an amusing bunch. So, shut up and let me get on with the story.


A beaver, a lynx, a moose and a very attractive, highly intelligent wolf walk into a bar. The year is 1975; the place is the back room of a dive on the fun side of the Ottawa River.

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