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Edition 12

Cover SQ Mag 12

Illustration © 2014 Tais Teng

Edition 12: Serial Fiction: Clutter Coach (Part 1 of 2) by Tom Barlow

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Part 1 sees us meeting Kathy, clutter coach, who helps clean up other people’s lives but can’t control her own dysfunction. Giving into her own secret collection compulsions, Kathy comes upon a silver samovar. She may not have bargained on what the samovar brings to her life however. SY

Clutter Coach Illustration

Illustration by Gerry Huntman

Kathy struggled all through dinner with the thought of the treasures sitting curbside for any passerby to grab. Perhaps if her husband Stuart had stayed home to watch “American Idol” with her that evening, she could have put it out of her mind. But he bowled on Wednesday nights.

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